• Each year about 1.3 million children are born with congenital heart disease (CHD).[1]
  • One in four will die without immediate intervention[2] and many more will need childhood surgery to reach age 18. But 90% of the world’s children have no access to cardiac care.[3]
  • In many disadvantaged communities, untreated infections also can cause rheumatic heart disease (RHD).[3]
  • RHD is the most common children’s heart problem in many low-income countries. Worldwide there are an estimated 33 million people living with RHD.[4]
  • Both CHD and RHD patients need life-long special cardiac care to keep their hearts healthy. Even countries with excellent childhood heart care often struggle to care for these patients as they age.
  • We need your help to ensure that every person with childhood-onset heart disease gets the care they need to live a long and healthy life


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