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All Global ARCH leaders receive

  • An opportunity to list your organization in the Global ARCH directory
  • Access to advice, support, and information via our Global ARCH leadership forum
  • Global ARCH leader training and informational webinars
  • An invitation to attend the bi-annual Global ARCH leadership summit

In return we ask that you

  • Let your members know about Global ARCH activities
  • Link to the Global ARCH website if possible
  • Ensure that your behavior and activities support our core values of diversity, respect, cooperation, and self-empowerment

    In one hospital, town, or city
    In one region/state in the country
    Throughout the country

    Mostly serves RHD patients and/or families
    Mostly serves CHD patients and/or families
    Serves both

    Mostly serves teens and adults
    Mostly serves children and families
    Serves both
    10 – 30
    40 – 50
    50 – 100
    100 – 500
    Over 500
    Over 1,000
    Over 5,000
    Over 10,000
    RHD and/or CHD medical care
    Screening for RHD and/or CHD
    Funding for medical care
    Patient/family in-person education
    Patient/family in-person support
    Patient/family online education
    Patient/family online support
    Awareness activities
    Advocacy activities

The Global ARCH directory is a listing of organizations worldwide that help RHD and CHD patients. We encourage patients and families to contact you directly.

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