In an on-going effort to provide CHD and RHD patient groups with support and information, we will be adding to our Resources page. If you have a document, program, publication, video, etc. that you’d like us to share, please email

A Voice for the Invisible Child: Childhood Heart Disease and the Global Health Agenda (Children’s HeartLink)

What is Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease? (Reach)

American Heart Association Scientific Statement: Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Rheumatic Heart Disease: Implications for Closing the Gap

HUG Podcast Network
– CHD information
– CHD Services and Resource Groups
– Camps in the US and Canada
– H2H With Anna Podcast in multi-languages
– H2H with Michael Liben

Towards an Inclusive NCD Agenda: A Collection of Lived Experiences From Around the World
Published by The NCD Alliance